10 Things Children can do Better than Adults

… The short answer, most things.

  1. See objects as living things.
  2. Enjoy good tasting food. Come up with new ideas.
  3. Make friends or connect with others.
  4. Come up with fun games.
  5. LAUGH OUT LOUD. For real, not texting “lol” with a smile.
  6. Learn a new concept
  7. Discover new places, especially to hide.
  8. Create and experience fear.
  9. Visualize a character in their mind.
  10. Have fun with nothing physical.
  11. Figure out a fun alternative to something boring
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About kevinthedot

I am Alex Fatemi, a student in the Game Art and Production Major at Drexel University. My interests are mostly in video games, but sometimes I do focus on things like animation or other digital media. When I was young, video games were my life. They were all I ever really focused on outside of school. So, when I found out my high school had a Computer Graphics course, I had to take it, thinking it would let me make video games. Before then, I had only done some crude animations in Powerpoint by duplicating slides. In that high school class, I fell behind on our first major modeling assignment. To compensate, I took the assignment to a new level by turning it into an animation with sound and (some) story. From there on, I kept developing my modeling and animation skills, with the focus on video games since they inspired me so much. My big dream revolves around a game story I made called “The Darkling”. It is a JRPG style game that I came up with in my free time. It was inspired by the JRPGs made by the company “Level 5,” especially the game Rogue Galaxy. My dream is to one day be able to make “The Darkling” into a real game.

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